Deployment Guide

SEED is intended to be installed on Linux instances in the cloud (e.g. AWS), and on local hardware. SEED Platform does not officially support Windows for production deployment. If this is desired, see the Django notes.


Migrations are handles through Django; however, various versions have customs actions for the migrations. See the migrations page for more information.



Sentry can monitor your webservers for any issues. To enable sentry add the following to your files after setting up your Sentry account on

The RAVEN_CONFIG is used for the backend and the SENTRY_JS_DSN is used for the frontend. At the moment, it is recommended to setup two sentry projects, one for backend and one for frontend.

import raven

   'dsn': 'https://<user>:<key><job_id>',
   # If you are using git, you can also automatically configure the
   # release based on the git info.
   'release': raven.fetch_git_sha(os.path.abspath(os.curdir)),
SENTRY_JS_DSN = 'https://<key><job_id>'